Stuart’s Story

Stuart Fleming is a member of LGBT Youth Scotland, Stuart was one of the candle lighters during Scotland’s national Holocaust Memorial Day event.

During the ceremony, six candles are lit to mark the 6 million Jews murdered in the holocaust; the Roma community; disabled people; those murdered because of their sexuality; those muredered in subsequent genocides, Rwanda, Cambodia, Darfur and Bosnia; those suffering in current conflicts.


I was honoured to be given the opportunity to be part of the Holocaust Memorial Day, by being invited to light a candle for LGBT people who lost their lives during the Holocaust and subsequent genocides.

I was a founding member of LGBT Youth Scotland’s East Dunbartonshire group called Easties, there are two groups in East Dunbartonshire (Easties and Westies) which offer support for LGBT young people. I have received support from LGBT Youth Scotland on multiple occasions on a range of issues, from making friends to coming out.

After being a member at the group I was given the opportunity to become a peer educator which means I would go into different school in East Dunbartonshire and talk to students about homophobia, biphobia and transphobia. This was an amazing experience as I was given an opportunity to educate people on the impact that words and names can have on a person. I believe that education is key in tackling issues in society.

When I look back at the Holocaust I think it’s important that people are educated on the impact it had on people’s lives, to understand that we cannot allow it to happen again.

The theme this year is “how can life go on” which is such a strong theme especially in the LGBT community, as many young people struggle to believe that life can go on when considering coming out to family members and friends. However, through support from organisations such as LGBT Youth Scotland they manage to see that life does go on, which is an important message which should be shared.


Author: Paul Daly

Parliamentary & Media Freelancer at Interfaith Scotland, Advocacy & Activism Officer at Amnesty International in Scotland and board member of Friends of the Earth Scotland.

One thought on “Stuart’s Story”

  1. Here is a little secret that was held. To the Stuart/Stewart Family.
    (Full Moon 11-17) 11-14-13 to 11-22-13 = veiled first covenant week, with 11-18-13 being the covenant day.
    The 14th of November was Bathsheba’s dad’s birthday; the Gadite. This Gadite seal includes the book called Max and Moritz (A Story of Seven Boyish Pranks) by Wilhelm Busch, and published in 1865. I believe that the first page says in German; “Ach, was muss man oft von bosen Kindern horen oder lessen!! Wie zum Beispiel hier von diesen, Welche Max and Moritz hieBen.” When read by a man of the Stewart family who could speak High and Low German, it said “To the Kingdom of Heaven.” I called for someone else and had him read it again, and he too said that it said the same without being told. The Stuart/Stewart was of a specific Ruling house back in the day. Read in German and listen in English. Looking into the book, I saw pictures as he read, and the words in German sounded and lined up to English that also made sense with all these kingdom keys. It has the Reuben Rooster and Max and Morits with Black and Yellow hair. Then there is the book called Gooberz by Linda Goodman. It has two snakes for the letters O, with the letter I in the center of each one. It represents Ophiuchus and the balance between 9 and 10. This is the Ishmaelite, and the book has within it the keys of bringing back together the Hebrew and Arabic languages. She took upon the name Linda during a particular war that involved the Jewish Nation of Israel. Her mom’s maiden name was Mazie McBee. In her book, you will find the keys that they hid, and a note saying that “this book will make you think it is about you. And again she says that the book is to her sneaky Guru” This with Max and Moritx Seven Pranks shows us that they had keys hidden that they were not showing the world. There was a lie involved somewhere along the line. Linda goes on to say that her book came from the Alpha and the Omega. (Revelation 1:8-11) Both of these book s go together with this verse from the Lutheran Church, held by Martin Luther.(2 Esdras 15:20)These three parts reveal well enough that Israel and Jerusalem is being lied to from both sides. There is more. It goes with this verse right here.(Isaiah 8:12) It is still being hid. The listed email doesn’t work though.


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