Fairweather Hall Drop in celebrates Scottish Interfaith Week

Fairweather Hall is being utilized every Thursday as a drop in center. The aims are to provide services for the local Asian community though in practice it’s a drop in center that is open to all. A get together for the over 50’s (though I’m sure young people would be
most welcome), with activities such as:

A lunch club
Educational trips
Professional advice
Yoga and exercise
Chilling out and breaking solitude

I was initially greeted by Jagdish a dignified looking gentleman from the Sikh faith tradition who made me feel very welcome and offered me a seat at the head table along with a line of other people I’d never met before and then he proceeded to show me the agenda…………. Whoaaa my name is on it, why? I’m asking myself. Ok….. so……..the Interfaith ambassador role I volunteered for didn’t include sitting at head tables and God forbid having to speak. Ok so you know what its like……….sometimes all these thoughts can run around your head…… travelling quicker than the speed of light…………your going down roads………..and then yer take a moment…..and …….consider the options………..so
I asked if it was Ok if I took some pictures. I told Jagdish it was for the IS website. Hmmm that’s a bit unfortunate, lets call it Interfaith Scotland website……. Jagdish was happy with this and then I proceeded to walk to the back of the hall and took a few shots none of which were any use, however I’d escaped…..I’m not sure what I’d escaped from however I was feeling a little more comfortable.

As I perused the room there was a definite male female divide. This must be an Asian cultural thing ………..its certainly not about inequality, not that I’m making any judgement’s………. though I do have all sorts of thoughts on that matter. There was predominately more women to men. LOL…… So if your over 50, single, and your looking for female company, this could be the very place for you. I’m only messing…… you know humor………..I think God has a great sense of humor and loves laughter all yer gotta do is look at the world of interfaith.

I proceeded to sit with some guys who turned out to be of the Hindu and Muslim traditions, Dr Sood, an 80 year old who’d suffered 2 strokes and still runs yoga weekly classes and I sat opposite Razza a Muslin guy. We found our common ground quickly and shared our beliefs in the oneness of humanity…..agreeing that folk are folk doesn’t matter what tradition we come from its what we do that really matters. Its more often than not the egos of men that become veils from the discernment of our truth. We are the little people……….however ‘mankind cannot frustrate the cause of God’ what ever that may be. We talked about getting older and how getting older forces us to consider the virtue of humility and how humility is a strength not a weakness. Something if only that we are no longer able to do the things we did.

We moved on and shared our common interest in the growing of food and talked about chilies. Apparently in chilies the white membrane inside the chili which the seeds stick to is the hottest/spicy part of the chili. Also chili is a fat burner….hmmm….think I need to eat even more chili.

After a wee speech from Jagdish talking about the drop in events and their activities, Jagdish proceeded to introduce representatives from the “queens award”. It looks like the Fairweather Drop in Center is being put forward to be in next years list of nominees to ‘celebrate its local heroes’ for the work they do within the community.

It has to be said this occasion of Celebrating Interfaith was simple a gathering of people, connecting, food sharing and fellowship and being of service and I really enjoyed it. My thanks to all the cooks, the people who served and cleared away.

Unity in Diversity……… yer gotta embrace, engage………….Bish Bash Bosh. …………onwards and upwards

All the best folks

Love & Peace


Author: ifsambassador

Our team of Ambassadors for Scottish Interfaith will post blogs using this account to share events during Scottish Interfaith Week.

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