Tuesday 15th November

Interfaith Scotland

Time for Reflection

Scottish Parliament Building




Frances Hume

Frances Hume will deliver the four-minute “Time for Reflection” at the Scottish Parliament on the theme of “Religion and the media” at the very start of parliamentary business on Tuesday afternoon. Frances has been Interfaith Scotland’s Development Officer for the past 9 years. Before she worked for Interfaith Scotland Frances was with “Save the Children” working with young refugees. Initially, after completing her degree at St Andrews University she started her career as a Religious Education teacher. Although now based in Glasgow where she has family links, her original home is County Down in Northern Ireland.


Time for Reflection is an event which is strictly invitation only but you can catch her reflections through the parliamentary website and hear and see her recording live from the parliament building.


Once Time for Reflection was the first item of business at a meeting of the Parliament each week. However, following the Reforms of Parliamentary Business Inquiry, it was decided to move Time for Reflection to the first item of business on Tuesday afternoons.

Some of the names that I recognise through Interfaith Scotland that have also delivered their thoughts during “Time for Reflection” include Dr Salah Betagui (Muslim), Alan Forsyth (Baha’i), Ravinder kaur Nijar (Sikh), Nila Joshi (Hindu), Rabbi David Rose (Jewish), Dr Maureen Sier (Baha’i) and Dianna Wolfson (Jewish). The speakers at Time for Reflection are chosen to reflect the balance of beliefs in Scotland, so to keep it fair all have a chance to be heard and are allocated a proportional slot to the size of their faith group (or non faith too).


Here is a picture of where her reflection will be delivered. It looks absolutely awesome! I wonder what she will have to say and how she will approach this important topic? I am excited about being there to hear it. I have known my friend Frances for many years through volunteering and we had a great trip to Barcelona together amongst many other really fun and interesting adventures.  Good luck Frances!

IFS Ambassador – Shanny


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Our team of Ambassadors for Scottish Interfaith will post blogs using this account to share events during Scottish Interfaith Week.

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