Religion and the Media: sharing the story of good Community Relations

Tuesday 15th Nov

Religion and the Media: sharing the story of good Community Relations.

Maureen Sier’s home, Bishopbriggs, 7.30pm

“Baha’i community interfaith dialogue event on the theme of Religion and the media all welcome. For further information and to register interest contact: Maureen @interfaith”

This is a relaxed and low key event in the lovely home of Dr. Maureen Sier the Director of Interfaith Scotland. I have enjoyed visiting Maureen at her home in Bishopbriggs several times over the years and she and her husband Nik are always so warm and welcoming. This should make it an inviting venue for some good relaxed and stimulating interfaith chat.  The event is billed as everyone welcome, so please do come along!


Here is a photo of Maureen  (third on the left from the front) smiling at Scotland’s First Minister. I thought this would make a good photo for this blog because it shows Maureen has enjoyed some really interesting and informed dialogue partners, like those in the picture. When I first met Maureen she had just returned from New York where she was a Fulbright Scholar and her excitement about her Inter faith work was inspiring. She enthralled us with tales of her adventures and the people she had met. Through volunteering with Interfaith Scotland I too subsequently met some of the people and went to the places Maureen had spoken of at our first meeting.  That was something I never expected. Extraordinary and surreal moments such as these during volunteering have surpassed all my expectations!

Through my interfaith volunteering I have also been to quite a few Baha’i events too, which I have thoroughly enjoyed, but I haven’t a great deal of knowledge about the Baha’is faith tenant’s so I did some googling for this blog for those who like me would like some further explanation. It seems that Baha u’ llah , the founder of the Baha’i Faith, believed that the main religions of the world are from one Source and that they are like sequential chapters of one religion.  He believes that mankind needs to find a unifying vision for its future.

Baha’is hold that our life’s purpose is to progress spiritually through service to each other. Through this service to others spiritual qualities are acquired. They highly value the nobility and integrity innate in all humanity and their aim is to promote the unity and oneness of humankind and harmonious relationships between individuals and communities. Well, that sounds good to me and I would like to think very attuned with the tenants and principles of my own faith!

Their emphasis is responsible stewardship of the world for the harmony of mankind and the healthy advancement of civilization. The importance of promoting peace is directly tied in to achieving these goals.

Abolition of all forms of prejudice is a pivotal principle for Baha’is. Justice is also a ruling principle as is the abolition of extreme forms of wealth and poverty. The Baha’is conviction that we belong to one human family and these other tenants make for an exacting responsibility from those in the media. It also gives a firm moral pivot for concise and effective reporting.

I hope I have got this synopsis right for any Baha’is reading this out there! If not keep me posted, please. Also you might have a clear vision on the specific and unique relevance of the Baha’i faith to media. That would help with the final blog for this event. Do get in touch, please.

I anticipate this event should be really worthwhile, thought provoking and interesting and am excited about what else I will learn about this attractive world religion and its wisdoms. If you think this might also interest you …well, …why not come along too!

IFS Ambassador – Shanny


Author: ifsambassador

Our team of Ambassadors for Scottish Interfaith will post blogs using this account to share events during Scottish Interfaith Week.

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