Interfaith Glasgow Launch Event

Monday 14th November, City Chambers, 10.30am – 12pm

Interfaith Glasgow Launch (By invitation only)

Interfaith Glasgow received its charitable status in May 2016. This will be their official launch as an independent organization.


Sadie Docherty the Right Honourable Lord Provost of Glasgow and Lord Lieutenant of Glasgow will preside over this launch.


In Interfaith Glasgow’s own words –

“Interfaith Glasgow is a newly incorporated Scottish charity specialising in promoting and facilitating constructive engagement between different faith and belief communities in Glasgow, so as to help create a better-connected, safer, and more harmonious city for all. We aim to deliver innovative programmes of activities aimed, firstly, at increasing friendships and societal interaction between people of diverse faiths and beliefs; secondly, at fostering greater mutual understanding and challenging prejudices and misconceptions; and, thirdly, at increasing opportunities for people from different faith communities to work cooperatively to address issues of common concern.” Although Interfaith Glasgow was initially a project of Interfaith Scotland’s it is now a separate charity although both work in conjunction with each other.


Amongst its projects, Interfaith Glasgow has set up a weekend Club for refugees and migrants experiencing social exclusion in Glasgow. Their members now come from Algeria, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Ethiopia, Sudan, Syria, Palestine, Nigeria, Ghana, Pakistan, India, Libya, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Poland, and the Czech Republic. They also have a Scriptural Reasoning Group who have been given additional guidance from the Cambridge Interfaith group for structuring scriptural reasoning sessions. These meetings are a chance to have a fascinating insight into each other’s faiths and to see what really matters to people. It is an opportunity to really delve deeper and grow in faith.


The Food Justice Network is another of Interfaith Glasgow’s projects.


Working in partnership with Faith in Community Scotland’s Transformation Team, the Food Justice Network at Interfaith Glasgow is busy networking, collaborating and sharing best practice and ideas.

This event is by invitation only and will be held at the Glasgow City Chambers.


IFS Ambassador – Shanny


Author: ifsambassador

Our team of Ambassadors for Scottish Interfaith will post blogs using this account to share events during Scottish Interfaith Week.

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