Nik’s plans for #SIFW2016

Hi folks, during the course of interfaith week I decided to attend the following events:

  • 17th  Newton Mearns – The older peoples drop in for the Asian community
  • 17th Could Fasting change the world
  • 18th   Self transformation faith journey in verse

When questioning my motives for choosing the above events I figured firstly that “older people” in general are often side stepped and as a person who’s getting older though inside there’s a boy. I wanna see and experience how this group of people share their celebration of Scottish interfaith week.

“Could fasting change the world’’ well when I read this my immediate thoughts were NO course it cant we’d just all be hungry. So it was clear I had this pre conceived idea and after more consideration I considered this. If we all fasted we’d all know what it would be like to be hungry. The hungry state of condition may lead to mindfulness this condition take us on another journey ………..we’ll see.

I stated in my previous blog that volunteering to be an interfaith ambassador would offer an opportunity to be on a learning curve. This learning curve has to offer an opportunity to engage in self transformation.

Bish bash bosh

Were moving on

Be fair in judgment

This journeys long

Little by little

With veils removed

Savour the taste

Of sweet soul food

I realise as I write this blog, the theme ‘religion and the media’ is not actually being talked about. Hmmm better address this…….. here we go.

There are several reasons for this. Firstly we are told by our delightful coordinators that we, ambassadors, can blog on any of the events that are participating in the celebration’s of Scottish Interfaith Week. However many of the events are not focusing on this years theme which is ok because Sottish Interfaith Week is far bigger than a theme.

The thing is when we consider what’s at the very foundation whether we believe in a religious sense or a belief in no belief. The human experience teaches us at some point or another that truthfulness is conducive to life.  It promotes growth and development to the world of humanity in a positive way. Deceit, lies, mistrust, deception, misrepresentations often lead to fear, prejudice, paranoia, scepticism, conspiracy and so it goes on and whether we like it or not were all affected by it.

So what role does the media have to play ?

We have some very well educated ambassadors on-board  who will be attending many of the religion and media events that are to be held and I’m sure there will be numerous insightful blogs which will provoke thoughts to be contemplated.

Meanwhile…………here’s a personal thought or two.

Take the word religion out of the equation but not spiritual and just to clarify and share my understanding of spiritual or spirituality for this purpose it simply means…….. truth = spirituality,  Justice = spirituality, honesty = spirituality. Virtues that bring out our nobility as human beings = spirituality. Ok so coming from this premis.

Truthfulness and honesty are the foundations of every goodly virtue. If we consider this to be fair statement and correct then it would be true to say this is a truth. Hmmm truth is a hard to talk about.  The thing is with truth comes responsibility. One of the responsibilities is to learn discernment. The next thing is to translate the learning into action. Lets face it folks that’s hard bit. Its also hard when it comes to the media. How do we discern what’s true and what’s untrue?, what feeds our prejudice’s? our fears?, are we mindful of the subtle trickle of what I can only describe as twisted bull….. subject to the agendas and prejudices of media people concerned and the pressure they are under to deliver a ‘’good story’.

I’m not to saying all media is bull …………however when there’s so much evidence of sensationalism and the distortion of facts. This often makes it hard for us to use our discernment with clarity.  Never the less one asks oneself where’s the nobility in untruthfulness ?

What’s really  great is that Scottish Interfaith Week there is dialogue taking place and bridges being built and people sharing and working together in dealing with this stuff of life. With a flame of optimism in my heart and the desire for growth as my 90 year old next neighbour says ‘onwards and upwards’

Later folks


Author: ifsambassador

Our team of Ambassadors for Scottish Interfaith will post blogs using this account to share events during Scottish Interfaith Week.

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