Interfaith volunteering, friendship and laughter

My name is Shanny and I have been volunteering with Interfaith Scotland for nearly ten years. I have really loved working with faith groups through interfaith events and have met so many wonderful people and made some wonderful friends. I feel it has greatly enriched my life and I believe it is vital work. Initially I studied for a degree in divinity with no real interest in other faiths, but as part of the course requirements we had to study other faiths too. This opened up my world and made such a difference to how I viewed others; although that may seem like such an obvious consequence now, but then it was a really wonderful surprise. It also made me a little ashamed of some of my lack of understanding. A work in progress! I went on to study Interfaith relations as a masters and then human rights and International politics as a masters too. I feel I still have an enormous amount to learn and with this motivation I have been spurred on to do other things, through Interfaith events, like attending a ladies Koranic study group.

During my volunteering I was involved in an exchange of best practice between Barcelona, Glasgow and New York. Aside from learning a great deal, these trips were enormous fun and have built some enduring friendships. Here are some photos:

The friendship, hilarity and fun shared between the Buddhist and Hindu delegates in Barcelona as they are convulsed with laughter while sharing a joke.


And one of us in New York  in Times Square that captures some of the excitement and bright lights!



Author: ifsambassador

Our team of Ambassadors for Scottish Interfaith will post blogs using this account to share events during Scottish Interfaith Week.

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