Hi my name is Nik…

This blog was written by our Ambassador Nik, and posted by Paul!

… Im a volunteer for Interfaith Scotland. This is an organization which basically builds bridges, contributes towards demystifying the ‘other’,  that’s gotta be good thing, in other words it works to foster good relations between people from diverse faith traditions and people with no faith tradition.

Fact – Scotland is one of the world leaders in interfaith development. I’m proud to be a member of our Scottish community which has an ethos of inclusivity and celebrates diversity, Oh and its backed by our government.

I decided to volunteer for several reasons. I’m another selfish human being and it makes me feel good doing something positive and I feel is useful.  I’m not a writer, so forgive me.  Ok so I figure getting to meet a diverse bunch of people from an incredible diverse backgrounds has gotta be life enriching. I basically like meeting people, yeah I like to meet some more than others……..ok so right away there’s an opportunity……. yer get to face your own prejudices. Its easy to get on with folk when yer in yer comfort zone however how do you feel and think when someone presents themselves and their ideas which perhaps grates a little………this offers yet another opportunity. What are the qualities and attributes necessary for anyone of us to exercise into action to bring out the nobility within us…………  and before you know it ……… bish, bash, bosh yer on a learning curve.

Our commonality is our humanity were all in it together so what ever contributes to breaking down barriers and gets people to connect has gotta be good.  Of course there’s the rules of engagement. We can maybe share thoughts on this another time.

By the way I’m a bit of a blether…….its an age thing. I guess this blog will be an outlet in someway to express what I feel as well as think.

So to recap I’m volunteering to an interfaith ambassador because

  1. I’m selfish
  2. I want to feel useful
  3. I get to meet diverse people
  4. Its life enriching
  5. It creates opportunity’s
  6. It creates opportunity’s for personal growth
  7. Oh and incidentally my wife is the director of Interfaith Scotland

The bottom line is volunteering whilst sometimes challenging is also a lotta fun.

During interfaith week I will be attending some of the numerous events being held during Scottish interfaith week. As Im sure your aware the theme is religion and the media  look forward to sharing even more thoughts on this.

Later folks


Author: Paul Daly

Parliamentary & Media Freelancer at Interfaith Scotland, Advocacy & Activism Officer at Amnesty International in Scotland and board member of Friends of the Earth Scotland.

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